4 Langdon St, Montpelier, VT

The path to recovery is a melody of resilience, and with every step, we’re reminded of the powerful rhythm of the Bent Nails Bistro family. 

Greetings to our valued Bent Nails Bistro community.

We are delighted to update you on our ongoing efforts to recover from the flood that struck Montpelier, Vermont, on July 11, 2023. Your steadfast support has been a tremendous source of inspiration, and we are eager to share the progress we’ve made since that challenging day.

Bent Nails Bistro, Montpelier, Vt July 11, 2023 flood

Coming Together: Community in Action

In the face of adversity, the bonds of our community have grown even more robust. The floodwaters highly impacted our basement, prompting us to unite with unity and friendship to clear the path to recovery. Working hand in hand, we diligently removed debris, creating a fresh canvas for the restoration ahead.

Strength Unveiled: A Journey of Progress

Like a gradual crescendo of determination, our commitment to rebuilding has surged. We have made remarkable advancements by carefully removing the sheetrock up to the flood level, revealing the unwavering resilience that defines Bent Nails Bistro—vibrant, steadfast, and poised for rejuvenation.

A New Chapter Emerges: Renewed Surroundings

Once graced by countless music enthusiasts, our floors bore the marks of the flood’s impact. Our recovery journey has seen the methodical removal of the old, making way for a revitalized atmosphere. We have addressed our furnishings — damaged materials, furniture, and appliances have been responsibly disposed of, paving the way for new beginnings.

Bent Nails Bistro, Montpelier, Vt July 11, 2023 flood

As we navigate this journey, we appreciate your patience, understanding, and unwavering support. The path to recovery is composed of moments of resilience, and with each step, we are reminded of the resounding rhythm that the Bent Nails Bistro family embodies. We envision the music again filling the air, the flavors rekindling the palate, and the memories ready to be woven.

From the core of our hearts, we express gratitude for standing alongside us, believing in our mission, and being integral to the Bent Nails Bistro narrative. We will continue to provide updates as we progress along this harmonious road to renewal. Anticipate more chapters filled with excitement and celebration.

With sincere gratitude and a harmonious spirit,
The Bent Nails Bistro Team

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